New Research: Best New Treatment Options in 2016 and Beyond

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What’s going on in the medical world and the natural healing world with respect to men’s health? Check out the trends…

Prostate Cancer – No New Medical Findings 

Researchers at the 2015 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium reported no new good findings for medical treatments. Instead, the prognoses of some treatments such as abiraterone acetate plus prednisone only allowed 13% of patients with prostate cancer that had already metastasized to reduce their PSA levels to less than or equal to 0.2 ng/ml within one year.

In another trial of men with prostate cancer and bone metastasis, cabozantinib was tested against prednisone. There was no difference between the two groups. In fact, 42% of those receiving the cabozantinib had a 30% reduction or more of bone lesions compared to 3% in the prednisone group. However, the side effects were too serious for many of them to continue the study.

Researchers work on November 15, 2012 in Loos, northern France, in a laboratory of French biopharmaceutical company Genfit, specialised in the development of innovative therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic disease and related disorders. AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN

New BPH Medical Procedure Looks Like a Winner 

One new outpatient procedure used for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is the Urolift device, which is a local anesthetic outpatient procedure. It involves no catheter and no sexual dysfunction, yet results in rapid symptom relief.

The enlarged prostate weighs a lot more than a normal prostate. The heavy prostate causes compression on the bladder that then causes the urinary frequency symptoms. In the Urolift procedure, the enlarged prostate is lifted up and out of the way so it can’t cause compression symptoms. This was introduced in 2014 so it may start becoming popular in the next few years. 

Injection of botulinum toxin into the prostate and injection of ethanol into the prostate is not a procedure that is getting good reviews so stay clear of it. The same is true of the unproven therapies called Histotripsy, Rezum, and Aquablation.


BPH – Those on Supplements Still Fare Best Compared to Medications 

Herbs still offer the most promise for BPH. In 2013, Chinese researchers reported that Chinese herbal medicine was superior to Western medication in improving quality of life and reducing prostate volume. Adverse effects from the herbs were the same in number as in the placebo group and less than those receiving Western medicine. However, as usual, they concluded that more studies should be done.

Meanwhile, Направления the trend is that Wayne men have markedly increased their use wholesale jerseys of botanicals wholesale mlb jerseys and supplements for relief of BPH. Men will Miami Dolphins Jerseys continue taking their supplements – and the medical ASX professionals cheap nba jerseys at из Columbia University Medical Center in New York will continue to make statements such as this one in the World Journal of Urology: “…the sense that natural agents may lack side effects coupled with wholesale NBA jerseys ineffective communication between the doctor and patient could result in Holiday potential adverse interactions.”

Could result? A lot more things COULD happen with medications and medical procedures. Let’s face reality, docs.

Glückliches Paar Senioren liegt im Sommer im Gras

The Importance of PDE5 for Sexual Function and BPH

On the other hand, Lebanese researchers have no qualms about holistic treatment. They are convinced that holistic treatment with a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase) inhibitor might benefit men that have erectile dysfunction and BPH together. Surprisingly, they made a jump in logic to conclude this, as their study used the drug Tadaafil, a commonly prescribed PDE5 inhibitor.

Nevertheless, there are herbs or foods that do have PDE5 inhibitor activity such as FRS 1000, an extract of red onion peel. In studies it unexpectedly improved sexual functioning in the bedroom. It’s loaded with a flavonoid called quercetin, which is thought to be responsible for its activity.

Onions before bed, men? Give it a try!


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